3rds Vs Hampton A, 14th Sept 2013

69-50…..A NUNtastic win!*

*At any point in the season this is welcome…but for the debut of the season match this does definitely combine with a BOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!

So with a lion-type hunger to kick ass…………

  • we ignored the fact that we only had 5 3rd team players (thanks Hayley and Ella)
  • we warmed up slowly and with stealth like moves
  • we spoke about the fact this team had been promoted from the league below – hence they could be good
  • we eyed them up, stressing a little about the 3 giants (meaning there was going to be an indisputable height advantage in one goal circle )
  • we remembered all Gill’s amazing coaching over the last two weeks
  • we all in all LOOKED fit, professional and gazelle-like!!

The final score did not reflect the fight we had had to give in order to win. Indeed, for the 1st two quarters we only had a +3 goal win – and this was at times a draw. (Whoops I wrote drawer originally which would have made no sense whatsoever!) They were a good team, they could move, they could defend, they could shoot – all things that netball is about.  But we didn’t slack off at all – coupled with the extra effort we found after half time and the fact that they did tire, we suddenly looked like we were in a different league. To quote a spectator who had clearly never watched netball before “my god, is that a whooping of the a** or a normal netball score?”!

MOM went to a slippery eel like player who just could not be stopped or blocked and who was there whenever you needed her and sometimes with a bit of a surprise – Hayley! Totally deserved and we would happily adopt her again.
If I were to give a fellow teamie my vote – it would have been Anna who got the most unachievable tips from passes going in to one of the “giants” and whose focus gave the defence a wall that was not to be broken!

Sadly I am now away from my team both physically and vocally, but I know they will keep this winning streak up. Any support any other NUNS can give them will get a beer of thanks from me.

As we know Walt said – THAT’S ALL FOLKS!!!!


Match report: 1sts v Karisma, 17th November

Squad: Tamara, Lozza, Sarah B, Lucy, Kath, Chief, Rosie, Suz, Marisa

**What a beautiful day for playing indoors! Pouring  outside (might be over exaggerating slightly) and nice and cosy with ‘Sharing the love’ supporters lining the side lines.  (Including my husband, who finally got himself out of the dogbox by actually attending my netball game, instead of opting for the lie-in.)

We took to the court in full fledged fighter mode – defo trying to implement all the wonderful training sessions we’ve had thus far. We were focussed on gaining turn-over balls from the moment the game started, denying the opposition space and really driving onto the ball.  Lozza, ever the practical implementer, drove ONTO the ball within 30 seconds and her Super Woman flying move (which was only ruled out as ‘not-flying’ on the technicality that she was using the floor to advance forwards) saw the first turn over. We finished our first quarter strong. 18-8 to NUNS.  We all felt there could be improvements made. We were amidst a strong, competitive game – even though we were up by 10 at this stage.  Karisma should never be underestimated and T had us re-focus on one thing for the second quarter.  Discipline. 

Quarter two saw us taking T’s advice to heart. T was having a field day down in the circle – she was like a cat – turning mid air to follow and catch her own tips.  Combined with the support of the rest of the defence team we saw turn over after turn over, bringing the ball down to attack with great movement and space clearing moves in mid court.  A fantastic positive energy settled and it had exactly the result we were hoping for. We finished the quarter on 40-11 to NUNS. 

Even with a bit more of a comfortable lead, we were still not relenting on our focus.  We opted for trying various combinations and working the triangle around the attack circle.  I finally ‘got’ the quick pass into Suz – (second time in two weeks, watch this space!!) – it might or might not have had something to do with the fact that Suz started yelling YEEEEEES from about four meters out….57-18 to NUNS

Fourth quarter. We moved things round a bit, continued to work the triangles and driving onto the ball.  By this time, we were all very much looking forward to fantastic teas (which had quite a build up prior to the match).  ‘nuf said. 73-22 to NUNS  (“,).  

Just to address the perception that might form off the back of a beautiful score: This really wasn’t an ‘easy’ win. Karisma plays a fantastic competitive game and they were making us working really hard throughout the entire game.  

MOM: Marisa


**Disclaimer: It has to be said that the reason I write my match reports about two seconds after the final whistle is due to the fact that my short term memory is…well…short.  The ‘Sharing the Love’ that continued in the form of a few (possibly too many) alcoholic beverages (and WAY too many Rocky Roads) in the Pig & Whistle afterwards really did throw a spanner in the works so if the match report is not 100% accurate I do apologise to the extent that this is how it happened in my mind!

Match Report: 2nds v Tiffin, 17th November

With about half our team jet setting around the world (Italy, France, Egypt….) and losing another during the week due to ‘feeling vommy’, it was fair to say we were slightly on the back foot.  Add to that an early start (9:30am???) and it wasn’t looking good. But we had a secret weapon in our pockets. Something no other club has and that we chose to execute at a precise moment in the season…..SHARE THE LOVE!

After calling in a couple of super subs we were ready to take the court. We had new team member Sophie joining us for her first game of the season, and boy did she make an impact. Some strong defence right from the first whistle helped restrict Tiffin int he shooting circle. Turnovers weren’t easy to come by, but the whole team worked hard to but pressure on the ball right through the court and the result was the ball coming out in Capital NUNS hands.

Up by 3 after the first quarter was good but not enough. The girls kept the pressure on in the 2nd quarter and with some excellent feeding by Sally and Anna, we kept the ball safe and ensured each ball was converted. By the time we reached the half break we were 8 goals up.

With a couple of changes at both ends of the court, it’s fair to say we took a while to find our feet with the new combinations.  A few  wayward passes left our hands, and communication in defence took a while to pick up again. But we didn’t let it go and finished the quarter the way we started – 8 goals up.

But this wasn’t enough for us. In fact, we weren’t happy. We were committing basic errors and not executing the way we’d been practicing  So we went back on court fired up and with a really simple target – we wanted the first 5 goals. It was going to require a lot of pressure, a lot of patience and most of all some solid team work. So did we do it? Hell yes. We took the first seven goals of the quarter and managed to restrict Tiffin to 3 goals for the quarter. It was an example of what we’re capable of as a team and has given us a bench mark for  what we need to be doing throughout the rest of the season.

Final Score: 50-30
MOM: New girl Sophie

Big props go to everyone who took the court, those who couldn’t (Josie Grosie) and all those who got out of bed early to come and support us. The noise from the sideline was superb and we loved it!


Match Report: Socials v Fetcham, 10th November

Magic, poetry in motion, awesome. We beat top of the table Fetcham in superlative style.

As always we started off a little nervously, but took it steadily to pull away with a decent lead at the end of the first quarter. We built our lead, ball by attacking ball, winning every quarter to finish up 42-23, stunning our opposition somewhat. It turns out they had been stalking us on the Div 2 website and knew of our not-so-great performance at the prior match. They thought they were in for an easy ride! HA! Shooting from Ash O and Sarah CC was almost faultless and with a change around at half-time delivered even more goals, ably fed in by Fi and Flo. A big hand to the game-changing defensive players; Flo (an impressive defensive support), Rach and Annari all had a BLINDER of a game. It seemed that nothing could go wrong or get past their impenetrable defence. I was suitably confined to the D and that seemed to work a lot better than my foray into centre court last time. Awesome ladies. More of the same please next time.

Thanks also go to our supporters who stayed on from the 3rds match, as well as the injured and sorely-missed SJ and preggars and sorely-missed Captain to cheer us on from the sidelines.

Ash E