Match Report: 2nds v Tiffin, 17th November

With about half our team jet setting around the world (Italy, France, Egypt….) and losing another during the week due to ‘feeling vommy’, it was fair to say we were slightly on the back foot.  Add to that an early start (9:30am???) and it wasn’t looking good. But we had a secret weapon in our pockets. Something no other club has and that we chose to execute at a precise moment in the season…..SHARE THE LOVE!

After calling in a couple of super subs we were ready to take the court. We had new team member Sophie joining us for her first game of the season, and boy did she make an impact. Some strong defence right from the first whistle helped restrict Tiffin int he shooting circle. Turnovers weren’t easy to come by, but the whole team worked hard to but pressure on the ball right through the court and the result was the ball coming out in Capital NUNS hands.

Up by 3 after the first quarter was good but not enough. The girls kept the pressure on in the 2nd quarter and with some excellent feeding by Sally and Anna, we kept the ball safe and ensured each ball was converted. By the time we reached the half break we were 8 goals up.

With a couple of changes at both ends of the court, it’s fair to say we took a while to find our feet with the new combinations.  A few  wayward passes left our hands, and communication in defence took a while to pick up again. But we didn’t let it go and finished the quarter the way we started – 8 goals up.

But this wasn’t enough for us. In fact, we weren’t happy. We were committing basic errors and not executing the way we’d been practicing  So we went back on court fired up and with a really simple target – we wanted the first 5 goals. It was going to require a lot of pressure, a lot of patience and most of all some solid team work. So did we do it? Hell yes. We took the first seven goals of the quarter and managed to restrict Tiffin to 3 goals for the quarter. It was an example of what we’re capable of as a team and has given us a bench mark for  what we need to be doing throughout the rest of the season.

Final Score: 50-30
MOM: New girl Sophie

Big props go to everyone who took the court, those who couldn’t (Josie Grosie) and all those who got out of bed early to come and support us. The noise from the sideline was superb and we loved it!


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