Match report: 1sts v Karisma, 17th November

Squad: Tamara, Lozza, Sarah B, Lucy, Kath, Chief, Rosie, Suz, Marisa

**What a beautiful day for playing indoors! Pouring  outside (might be over exaggerating slightly) and nice and cosy with ‘Sharing the love’ supporters lining the side lines.  (Including my husband, who finally got himself out of the dogbox by actually attending my netball game, instead of opting for the lie-in.)

We took to the court in full fledged fighter mode – defo trying to implement all the wonderful training sessions we’ve had thus far. We were focussed on gaining turn-over balls from the moment the game started, denying the opposition space and really driving onto the ball.  Lozza, ever the practical implementer, drove ONTO the ball within 30 seconds and her Super Woman flying move (which was only ruled out as ‘not-flying’ on the technicality that she was using the floor to advance forwards) saw the first turn over. We finished our first quarter strong. 18-8 to NUNS.  We all felt there could be improvements made. We were amidst a strong, competitive game – even though we were up by 10 at this stage.  Karisma should never be underestimated and T had us re-focus on one thing for the second quarter.  Discipline. 

Quarter two saw us taking T’s advice to heart. T was having a field day down in the circle – she was like a cat – turning mid air to follow and catch her own tips.  Combined with the support of the rest of the defence team we saw turn over after turn over, bringing the ball down to attack with great movement and space clearing moves in mid court.  A fantastic positive energy settled and it had exactly the result we were hoping for. We finished the quarter on 40-11 to NUNS. 

Even with a bit more of a comfortable lead, we were still not relenting on our focus.  We opted for trying various combinations and working the triangle around the attack circle.  I finally ‘got’ the quick pass into Suz – (second time in two weeks, watch this space!!) – it might or might not have had something to do with the fact that Suz started yelling YEEEEEES from about four meters out….57-18 to NUNS

Fourth quarter. We moved things round a bit, continued to work the triangles and driving onto the ball.  By this time, we were all very much looking forward to fantastic teas (which had quite a build up prior to the match).  ‘nuf said. 73-22 to NUNS  (“,).  

Just to address the perception that might form off the back of a beautiful score: This really wasn’t an ‘easy’ win. Karisma plays a fantastic competitive game and they were making us working really hard throughout the entire game.  

MOM: Marisa


**Disclaimer: It has to be said that the reason I write my match reports about two seconds after the final whistle is due to the fact that my short term memory is…well…short.  The ‘Sharing the Love’ that continued in the form of a few (possibly too many) alcoholic beverages (and WAY too many Rocky Roads) in the Pig & Whistle afterwards really did throw a spanner in the works so if the match report is not 100% accurate I do apologise to the extent that this is how it happened in my mind!

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