Match Report: Socials v Fetcham, 10th November

Magic, poetry in motion, awesome. We beat top of the table Fetcham in superlative style.

As always we started off a little nervously, but took it steadily to pull away with a decent lead at the end of the first quarter. We built our lead, ball by attacking ball, winning every quarter to finish up 42-23, stunning our opposition somewhat. It turns out they had been stalking us on the Div 2 website and knew of our not-so-great performance at the prior match. They thought they were in for an easy ride! HA! Shooting from Ash O and Sarah CC was almost faultless and with a change around at half-time delivered even more goals, ably fed in by Fi and Flo. A big hand to the game-changing defensive players; Flo (an impressive defensive support), Rach and Annari all had a BLINDER of a game. It seemed that nothing could go wrong or get past their impenetrable defence. I was suitably confined to the D and that seemed to work a lot better than my foray into centre court last time. Awesome ladies. More of the same please next time.

Thanks also go to our supporters who stayed on from the 3rds match, as well as the injured and sorely-missed SJ and preggars and sorely-missed Captain to cheer us on from the sidelines.

Ash E

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