Match Report: 1s Vs Alpha, Surrey County League, 27th Sept 2014

Squad: Suz, Janelle, Hayley, Jen, Chief, Amy, Lozza, Soph, Vanessa, T


The short version…we went, we fought, we conquered. NUNs 33 – Alpha 28


The longer (well slightly) version…


This week we were up against our County rivals Alpha. It was set to be a match of epic proportions…and we were ready.


Quarter 1

We took to the court full of energy and with a desire to win! We started off steady, settling into our combination and working out their style of play. This quarter was quite end to end, with both teams evenly matched. However, we did really well at defending all the way down court and putting pressure on, especially in the circle. We finished the first quarter at 9-9. Plenty to play for!


Quarter 2:

After a re-group we went back on court to put in another solid 15 minutes. Attack worked the triangles well to get the ball safely into the circle, where Suz and Janelle were negotiating two really tall defenders. At one stage we pulled away to 17-11, but then let them creep back slowly to finish the quarter 18-18.


Quarter 3

A few changes at half time saw Hayley come on as GA and Janelle move to WA, what a combo! It took a few minutes to settle back in, working the ball around the circle edge to make sure the shooting opportunities were on, but once they were on they were on! Defence were another level, with tips and turnovers all over the place. Lozza was categorically not letting anyone on the circle edge, it was awesome! I think we finished the quarter at 25-21. (Amy’s score card looked like a piece of art so it’s hard to tell!)


Quarter 4

It was all about keeping the lead in this quarter, and it got TENSE! As we took the court our fitness really showed. We kept our cool, keeping the ball safe and controlled and showcased some great skill. We pulled away and then Alpha pushed back to within two. However with one final push (and a lot of passion!) we stretched away finishing the match with a well-deserved win 33-28!

Player of match – Tamara! 


Jennie P

3rds Vs Hampton A, 14th Sept 2013

69-50…..A NUNtastic win!*

*At any point in the season this is welcome…but for the debut of the season match this does definitely combine with a BOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!

So with a lion-type hunger to kick ass…………

  • we ignored the fact that we only had 5 3rd team players (thanks Hayley and Ella)
  • we warmed up slowly and with stealth like moves
  • we spoke about the fact this team had been promoted from the league below – hence they could be good
  • we eyed them up, stressing a little about the 3 giants (meaning there was going to be an indisputable height advantage in one goal circle )
  • we remembered all Gill’s amazing coaching over the last two weeks
  • we all in all LOOKED fit, professional and gazelle-like!!

The final score did not reflect the fight we had had to give in order to win. Indeed, for the 1st two quarters we only had a +3 goal win – and this was at times a draw. (Whoops I wrote drawer originally which would have made no sense whatsoever!) They were a good team, they could move, they could defend, they could shoot – all things that netball is about.  But we didn’t slack off at all – coupled with the extra effort we found after half time and the fact that they did tire, we suddenly looked like we were in a different league. To quote a spectator who had clearly never watched netball before “my god, is that a whooping of the a** or a normal netball score?”!

MOM went to a slippery eel like player who just could not be stopped or blocked and who was there whenever you needed her and sometimes with a bit of a surprise – Hayley! Totally deserved and we would happily adopt her again.
If I were to give a fellow teamie my vote – it would have been Anna who got the most unachievable tips from passes going in to one of the “giants” and whose focus gave the defence a wall that was not to be broken!

Sadly I am now away from my team both physically and vocally, but I know they will keep this winning streak up. Any support any other NUNS can give them will get a beer of thanks from me.

As we know Walt said – THAT’S ALL FOLKS!!!!


2nds Vs Highlanders, 21st April

Line Up: Marissa, Janelle, Anna, Ella, Marnie, Amanda, Grace, Bel.

In complete contrast to the conditions we were originally meant to be playing, the 2nds finished their season with a catch up match against Highlanders in what could only be called perfect netball conditions – the sun was out, there was no wind, the court was immaculate. We knew we had a tough battle on our hands as they’d recently beaten the top of the table, but the lure of promotion kept us focused and determined to bring it.

Our team has been plagued by pregnancies, holiday’s, injuries and various work commitments and today was just the same, so it took the first quarter to really settle into the game. Goal for goal, it went, until they broke our attack and managed to score. Not about to let them away with it, we managed to capitalise on a turnover bringing it back to evens. This went on throughout the game, with us managing to get ahead by 4, they clawed back to 2 ahead and so on and so on…

Unfortunately Grace’s back injury meant she could only manage half a game (young people these days…) so Marissa moved to GK and Marnie came in to shoot. And still the battle continued, every time we got a lead, they counter-attack right back, and managed this right at the final whistle.

Final score 44-all.

MOM – Janelle

Although it wasn’t a win, it was enough to secure us second place in the league – a phenomenal result given the upsets we’d endured this season. Bring on next season, we’ll be ready!

Match Report: 4ths Vs Pleiades

Line up:
Rachel S
Sarah CC
Jess T
Katie C
Katy B
Lisa T

A bright and sunny Saturday and we were wishing the match was outdoors… well not really because who are we kidding, we are totally an indoor team.

The final match of the season and we were ready to end on a high. First quarter we came out determined to get a good start. We got the first few goals and Pleiades responded with vigour. Some great defending by Josie and Lisa, nice space down the court and conversions meant we ended the quarter with a slight lead,  10-7.

Second quarter we continued with the pressure, really focussed on keeping to our game plan. It’s all about us so I’ll just say that we continued to play really well. They were playing OK too – which meant we stayed level for the quarter, and managed to retain the lead at half time, 20-17.

Half time saw a few changes – Jess moving into the goal circle and proving once again what a super shooter she is. There was constant pressure – Katy B had some amazing tips around the circle and was relentless with the pressure. The umpire had a few words of advice – but everyone kept their cool. They certainly weren’t letting up but we managed to sneak a few more goals ahead,  29-24.

The final quarter something happened – Pleiades were wiped off the court. After playing a really close game for three quarters, we stepped it up and didn’t let up for the full 15 minutes. We restricted them to only 4 goals and made few mistakes. A wonderful display of netball – great passing, nice strong leads, brilliant shooting and sublime defence.
Final score: 43-28

MOM: Jess – Super Captain and thoroughly deserved for a sterling game at WA/GA

A perfect end to the season – we were genuinely delighted to finish with such a great team effort – really showing how far the team has come. Much thanks to Anna (and Marnie) for all of their coaching direction throughout the year.