Match Report: 3rds v Teddington, 23rd February

Starting lineup   GK – Anna (me) GD – Amanda WD – Emma C – Ali WA – Lou GA – Wai GS – Suz   Super sub – Annari   Unfortunately the previous game had over ran so the warm up started in the dance studio with some focussed work on defending and drivingContinue reading “Match Report: 3rds v Teddington, 23rd February”

Match Report: 1sts v Old A’s, 9th February

Having braved the elements once already that day, enthusiasm was in short supply as a skeleton 1sts squad left Cheam for an afternoon away Poly match v Old A’s: The 8 mile journey took nearly and hour and a half. It was an outside game. The temperature was approaching freezing. It was raining. You wouldContinue reading “Match Report: 1sts v Old A’s, 9th February”

Match Report: 2nds v Lavender Park, 2nd February

We were all feeling a little bit rusty taking to the court for the first game this year, but our focus and determination throughout the entire match ensured a hard fought victory. Having previously beaten Lavender Park, we got quite a shock as we went goal for goal throughout the first quarter, finishing one down.Continue reading “Match Report: 2nds v Lavender Park, 2nd February”

Match Report: 1sts v Walton & Hersham, 15th December

FIRM FOUNDATIONS FEED “THE NETRONOME” WITH ruthless performances at both ends of the court the Capital Nuns maintained its 100 per cent winning record and left Walton & Hersham A fighting for scraps. Despite being the last game before Christmas there was no sign of festive fatigue from the Nuns as their grip on theContinue reading “Match Report: 1sts v Walton & Hersham, 15th December”