3rds Vs Hampton A, 14th Sept 2013

69-50…..A NUNtastic win!*

*At any point in the season this is welcome…but for the debut of the season match this does definitely combine with a BOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!

So with a lion-type hunger to kick ass…………

  • we ignored the fact that we only had 5 3rd team players (thanks Hayley and Ella)
  • we warmed up slowly and with stealth like moves
  • we spoke about the fact this team had been promoted from the league below – hence they could be good
  • we eyed them up, stressing a little about the 3 giants (meaning there was going to be an indisputable height advantage in one goal circle )
  • we remembered all Gill’s amazing coaching over the last two weeks
  • we all in all LOOKED fit, professional and gazelle-like!!

The final score did not reflect the fight we had had to give in order to win. Indeed, for the 1st two quarters we only had a +3 goal win – and this was at times a draw. (Whoops I wrote drawer originally which would have made no sense whatsoever!) They were a good team, they could move, they could defend, they could shoot – all things that netball is about.  But we didn’t slack off at all – coupled with the extra effort we found after half time and the fact that they did tire, we suddenly looked like we were in a different league. To quote a spectator who had clearly never watched netball before “my god, is that a whooping of the a** or a normal netball score?”!

MOM went to a slippery eel like player who just could not be stopped or blocked and who was there whenever you needed her and sometimes with a bit of a surprise – Hayley! Totally deserved and we would happily adopt her again.
If I were to give a fellow teamie my vote – it would have been Anna who got the most unachievable tips from passes going in to one of the “giants” and whose focus gave the defence a wall that was not to be broken!

Sadly I am now away from my team both physically and vocally, but I know they will keep this winning streak up. Any support any other NUNS can give them will get a beer of thanks from me.

As we know Walt said – THAT’S ALL FOLKS!!!!


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