2nds Vs Highlanders, 21st April

Line Up: Marissa, Janelle, Anna, Ella, Marnie, Amanda, Grace, Bel.

In complete contrast to the conditions we were originally meant to be playing, the 2nds finished their season with a catch up match against Highlanders in what could only be called perfect netball conditions – the sun was out, there was no wind, the court was immaculate. We knew we had a tough battle on our hands as they’d recently beaten the top of the table, but the lure of promotion kept us focused and determined to bring it.

Our team has been plagued by pregnancies, holiday’s, injuries and various work commitments and today was just the same, so it took the first quarter to really settle into the game. Goal for goal, it went, until they broke our attack and managed to score. Not about to let them away with it, we managed to capitalise on a turnover bringing it back to evens. This went on throughout the game, with us managing to get ahead by 4, they clawed back to 2 ahead and so on and so on…

Unfortunately Grace’s back injury meant she could only manage half a game (young people these days…) so Marissa moved to GK and Marnie came in to shoot. And still the battle continued, every time we got a lead, they counter-attack right back, and managed this right at the final whistle.

Final score 44-all.

MOM – Janelle

Although it wasn’t a win, it was enough to secure us second place in the league – a phenomenal result given the upsets we’d endured this season. Bring on next season, we’ll be ready!

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