Match Report: 4ths Vs Pleiades

Line up:
Rachel S
Sarah CC
Jess T
Katie C
Katy B
Lisa T

A bright and sunny Saturday and we were wishing the match was outdoors… well not really because who are we kidding, we are totally an indoor team.

The final match of the season and we were ready to end on a high. First quarter we came out determined to get a good start. We got the first few goals and Pleiades responded with vigour. Some great defending by Josie and Lisa, nice space down the court and conversions meant we ended the quarter with a slight lead,  10-7.

Second quarter we continued with the pressure, really focussed on keeping to our game plan. It’s all about us so I’ll just say that we continued to play really well. They were playing OK too – which meant we stayed level for the quarter, and managed to retain the lead at half time, 20-17.

Half time saw a few changes – Jess moving into the goal circle and proving once again what a super shooter she is. There was constant pressure – Katy B had some amazing tips around the circle and was relentless with the pressure. The umpire had a few words of advice – but everyone kept their cool. They certainly weren’t letting up but we managed to sneak a few more goals ahead,  29-24.

The final quarter something happened – Pleiades were wiped off the court. After playing a really close game for three quarters, we stepped it up and didn’t let up for the full 15 minutes. We restricted them to only 4 goals and made few mistakes. A wonderful display of netball – great passing, nice strong leads, brilliant shooting and sublime defence.
Final score: 43-28

MOM: Jess – Super Captain and thoroughly deserved for a sterling game at WA/GA

A perfect end to the season – we were genuinely delighted to finish with such a great team effort – really showing how far the team has come. Much thanks to Anna (and Marnie) for all of their coaching direction throughout the year.

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