Match Report: 1s Vs Alpha, Surrey County League, 27th Sept 2014

Squad: Suz, Janelle, Hayley, Jen, Chief, Amy, Lozza, Soph, Vanessa, T


The short version…we went, we fought, we conquered. NUNs 33 – Alpha 28


The longer (well slightly) version…


This week we were up against our County rivals Alpha. It was set to be a match of epic proportions…and we were ready.


Quarter 1

We took to the court full of energy and with a desire to win! We started off steady, settling into our combination and working out their style of play. This quarter was quite end to end, with both teams evenly matched. However, we did really well at defending all the way down court and putting pressure on, especially in the circle. We finished the first quarter at 9-9. Plenty to play for!


Quarter 2:

After a re-group we went back on court to put in another solid 15 minutes. Attack worked the triangles well to get the ball safely into the circle, where Suz and Janelle were negotiating two really tall defenders. At one stage we pulled away to 17-11, but then let them creep back slowly to finish the quarter 18-18.


Quarter 3

A few changes at half time saw Hayley come on as GA and Janelle move to WA, what a combo! It took a few minutes to settle back in, working the ball around the circle edge to make sure the shooting opportunities were on, but once they were on they were on! Defence were another level, with tips and turnovers all over the place. Lozza was categorically not letting anyone on the circle edge, it was awesome! I think we finished the quarter at 25-21. (Amy’s score card looked like a piece of art so it’s hard to tell!)


Quarter 4

It was all about keeping the lead in this quarter, and it got TENSE! As we took the court our fitness really showed. We kept our cool, keeping the ball safe and controlled and showcased some great skill. We pulled away and then Alpha pushed back to within two. However with one final push (and a lot of passion!) we stretched away finishing the match with a well-deserved win 33-28!

Player of match – Tamara! 


Jennie P

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