Match Reports: 1sts v Fairlands, 10th November

Squad: T-Dog, Lozza, Sarah B, Sammy, Kath, Lucy, Apples, Suz, Marisa

The come-back of the season so far…
1st quarter 15-12 to Fairlands
Half time 35-26 to Fairlands
3rd quarter 41-36 to Nuns!
Full time 57-43 to Nuns

For a team that practically specialises in strong starts imagine our surprise at being a few goals down after the 1st quarter. Struggling to disrupt their shooters in the first half and giving away the ball with a few unforced errors Fairlands capitalised on their possession and started to take the game away from us leading by 11 at half time.

After calls for discipline from Joan and us all generally having a serious word with ourselves after half time we went back on determined to turn it up a notch (or 10!) and get back in the game.

We took to the court with renewed vigour and quickly made an impact unsettling their attack with some tight man marking and blocking drives preventing the triangles executed by Fairlands earlier in the game. The defence were literally on fire getting turnovers galore! The attack were finding their way through the defence (also known as penetration of space!) with Marisa and Suz dominating the D.

POM: Apples – had a fab game getting the better of her defender, great vision into the D – evidence of the great skill and depth of squad we have by getting POM in her second position!

The unbeaten record continues…….

Match Report: 1sts v Ark, 27th October

First Quarter:

Was it a bad dream?
This frigid morning out in Cheam.
An important game and not a lark,
This match between Nuns and the mighty Ark.

Bad news for Nuns at the outset
As their back line wasn’t present
So on which side to bet
was like trying to shoot a flying pheasant.

But the game started with a rejigged team,
Yoda said ‘attacking heavy, they seem’.

The Nuns:

NUNS 15-11 ARK

Second Quarter:

Taking a slender lead,
Perspiration started to bead

With no-one usual at the back,
All over the court was pure attack.
Interceptions here and there
Lozza was marshalling the troops like a ferocious bear.

Communication was vital
In case different parts of the team went tribal.
But scoring regularly the Nuns took charge
Without a single aggressive shoulder barge

Now possessing a decent lead,
The Nuns were now looking forward to an orange feed.

NUNS 33-21 ARK

Third Quarter:

“We shall fight them in the semi circles, we shall fight them in every third, we shall fight them to the basket – we never surrender”

While leading after the first half,
Joan was worried some nuns already wanted a bath;
So she gave a rousing call,
For each one to keep giving their all.

And by gum they did that,
Every nun pouncing on the ball like a fevered cat.

Suze and Apples in the zone,
scoring goals at every chance;
Not even throwing Ark a bone,
Leading them a merry dance.

But it was not all easy
Their shooter with aim so true,
Marisa debuting at keeper
Part of an improv back line that managed to leave Ark feeling blue.

They powered ahead,
Winning the quarter by another four;
Nearly putting the game to bed,
But more would be required to fully close the door.

NUNS 49-33 ARK

Fourth Quarter:

“Ask not what your Nuns can do for you, ask what you can do for your Nuns”

Nearly there,
Nuns were fighting for everything tough and fair.
Leaping like salmon up the stream,
Some moves were working like a dream.

A couple of bizarre injuries to the opposing team disrupted the Nun flow,
As they sought to land the final blow.
Some circumstances were quite silly,
Especially as we were clearly not counting mississippi-ly!

But in the final analysis,
Nobody suffered a quality paralysis.
Nuns prevailed,
Another victory hailed.

But congrats to both sides
For a game that was a hell of a ride.

The Man of the Match was Laura,
As she had chased the ball to every border.
So Nuns, please pity me;
She’s been going on about it f****** constantly.

NUNS 65-44 ARK

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Match Report: 1sts v HS, 13th October

Starting line up: Marisa (GS), Suz (GA), Rosie (WA), Kath (C), Sarah B (WD), Lozza (GD), Tamara (GK)
Super subs: Sammy, Lucy and Anna D-J

A chilly, but sunny Saturday morning saw the 1st team take to the court for their 3rd County match of the season. Our aim was to incorporate what we’d practiced at training on the Tuesday: man on marking, dynamic movement and lots of triangles.

Our 1st quarter saw a really strong performance across the whole court with plenty of dynamic drives and tight defensive marking. With Marisa in at GS it’s always tempting to just start throwing the ball straight in from the centre third, but we maintained our discipline (mostly!) and added those crucial extra passes to get closer to the circle and give accurate feeds. Our 1st was also interrupted by an injury on the other team but, unlike our previous game when we lost concentration and gave away vital goals, we kept ourselves warm and focussed and completed the quarter 19-9.

The 2nd quarter was just as calm and considered as the 1st. The opposition defence were getting extremely frustrated as our attack calmly altered their passing and movement to counteract their defensive changes. The opposition attack were also struggling as the strength of our defense in both their marking and talking as a unit meant lots of interceptions and turnovers. Quarter ended 27-16 (ish)!

The 3rd quarter saw changes in both attack and defense with Sammy coming on at WD, Sarah B moving to GK, Rosie at C and Lucy at WA. This was a fairly new combination for us but having flexibility in positions is a great strength and from the very start of the quarter we worked hard on defending all the way down the court, talking lots and bringing the ball down to the attack from turnovers. I can’t remember the score for the end of this quarter but it was another 15 goals or so to us!

The last quarter saw a few more changes and some more new combinations. This quarter was not our strongest, however, and saw HS make headway into our lead as we began to make mistakes. Our passing and decision making was not as good as it had been and even though we were still getting turnovers, we couldn’t always capitalise on them.

Final score – a well deserved 60-39 to NUNS.

The best bits about the match were our decision making (95% correct according to Joan!), our triangles and our marking. All in all, a really good game and one where we did what we set out to do!

MOM: Suz

Match Report: 2nds v Lavender Park B, 6th October

After a slightly gloomy start to the day the sun came out just as we were about to start out warm up.  Basically a useless fact given that we were playing indoors, however it did provide some additional motivation to get the job done so we could all enjoy some sun with a smile on our faces.

Lavender park are a new team to our competition, having been promoted 2 divisions after a strong performance last season. This meant they were an unknown quantity to us, however we took nothing for granted and went into the game with focussed minds and strong support bench.

However, this didn’t exactly translate quite as we would have liked.  They turned over our first centre pass and secured their own, leaving us 3 goals down pretty quickly.  With a strong (and tall) GS they applied tactics often seen at NUNS – to long strong pass straight in – meaning we were going to have to work hard to apply pressure throughout the court and force the turnover ball. And we did. And it worked.

We went into the 2nd quarter a few goals up. It was nice but not enough. With a change in defence (with SJ coming on at GD) we kept them on their toes and started to reap the rewards of some hard work. Turnovers and balls going out the back line gave our attacking team plenty to play with and they did. Strong driving from Janelle opened up space and Anna and Ella put in some great balls to put the shooters in the best positions possible.

After half time our goals was to keep the pressure on and not relax now that we’d built up a lead.  Grace kept tight on the GA leading to some great intercepts and held ball calls.  Mid court kept the pressure on throughout the court resulting in some good turnovers,  and patience on the circle edge enabled the strong feed in. It was pretty to watch.

The whole team kept the momentum going right through til the end of the game, pushing every pass and keeping our own ball safe.  Movement throughout the court was strong, and we came together as a team to pressure the ball and support each other from both on court and off.

Final score – 63 – 33 NUNS

Opposition nominated POM – SJ (backed by most of the girls who were  able to enjoy her amazing roast dinner on Sunday night – mega!)

Coaches POM – Janelle for leading the way with pressure on the ball and her movement around the circle.