Match Report: 2nds v Lavender Park B, 6th October

After a slightly gloomy start to the day the sun came out just as we were about to start out warm up.  Basically a useless fact given that we were playing indoors, however it did provide some additional motivation to get the job done so we could all enjoy some sun with a smile on our faces.

Lavender park are a new team to our competition, having been promoted 2 divisions after a strong performance last season. This meant they were an unknown quantity to us, however we took nothing for granted and went into the game with focussed minds and strong support bench.

However, this didn’t exactly translate quite as we would have liked.  They turned over our first centre pass and secured their own, leaving us 3 goals down pretty quickly.  With a strong (and tall) GS they applied tactics often seen at NUNS – to long strong pass straight in – meaning we were going to have to work hard to apply pressure throughout the court and force the turnover ball. And we did. And it worked.

We went into the 2nd quarter a few goals up. It was nice but not enough. With a change in defence (with SJ coming on at GD) we kept them on their toes and started to reap the rewards of some hard work. Turnovers and balls going out the back line gave our attacking team plenty to play with and they did. Strong driving from Janelle opened up space and Anna and Ella put in some great balls to put the shooters in the best positions possible.

After half time our goals was to keep the pressure on and not relax now that we’d built up a lead.  Grace kept tight on the GA leading to some great intercepts and held ball calls.  Mid court kept the pressure on throughout the court resulting in some good turnovers,  and patience on the circle edge enabled the strong feed in. It was pretty to watch.

The whole team kept the momentum going right through til the end of the game, pushing every pass and keeping our own ball safe.  Movement throughout the court was strong, and we came together as a team to pressure the ball and support each other from both on court and off.

Final score – 63 – 33 NUNS

Opposition nominated POM – SJ (backed by most of the girls who were  able to enjoy her amazing roast dinner on Sunday night – mega!)

Coaches POM – Janelle for leading the way with pressure on the ball and her movement around the circle.

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