Match Reports: 1sts v Fairlands, 10th November

Squad: T-Dog, Lozza, Sarah B, Sammy, Kath, Lucy, Apples, Suz, Marisa

The come-back of the season so far…
1st quarter 15-12 to Fairlands
Half time 35-26 to Fairlands
3rd quarter 41-36 to Nuns!
Full time 57-43 to Nuns

For a team that practically specialises in strong starts imagine our surprise at being a few goals down after the 1st quarter. Struggling to disrupt their shooters in the first half and giving away the ball with a few unforced errors Fairlands capitalised on their possession and started to take the game away from us leading by 11 at half time.

After calls for discipline from Joan and us all generally having a serious word with ourselves after half time we went back on determined to turn it up a notch (or 10!) and get back in the game.

We took to the court with renewed vigour and quickly made an impact unsettling their attack with some tight man marking and blocking drives preventing the triangles executed by Fairlands earlier in the game. The defence were literally on fire getting turnovers galore! The attack were finding their way through the defence (also known as penetration of space!) with Marisa and Suz dominating the D.

POM: Apples – had a fab game getting the better of her defender, great vision into the D – evidence of the great skill and depth of squad we have by getting POM in her second position!

The unbeaten record continues…….

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