Match Report: 1sts v Walton & Hersham, 15th December


WITH ruthless performances at both ends of the court the Capital Nuns maintained its 100 per cent winning record and left Walton & Hersham A fighting for scraps.

Despite being the last game before Christmas there was no sign of festive fatigue from the Nuns as their grip on the top of the table grew tighter with a 66-30 victory.

The Southfields court has become somewhat of a fortress for the home team and Walton and Hersham were the latest team to realise why.

As in previous outings, Marisa Theron slotted goals in an almost robotic fashion leading fans to affectionately nickname her “The Netronome”.

Here, the Suz-Marisa pairing proved irresistible.

As with any decent team though, sustained success is built on strong foundations and in the defensive base of Rafter and Sarah B, Walton and Hersham rarely broke through. 

When given a chance though the visiting Goal-Shooter was potently accurate and scored with a few shots from the edge of the D.

However, on the whole, aggressive defensive pressure from Nuns caused the opposition to force passes from the back-line, playing into the home team’s hands.

In a perfect world there would have been fewer balls thrown across channels than Nuns were guilty of, but with goals going in at a fast rate there was little to complain about.

Although the game was mostly one-way traffic there were a few detours via some heavy contact from Hersham and Walton’s robust Goal Attack and one incident where Rafter found herself in an Hulk Hogan-esque arm-lock.

After a quick “clarifying of the rules” by Phillips the umpires looked to cut out illegal wrestling moves.

Play was also briefly held up when umpires outlawed the playing of “brick ball” on the side-line. Although it is “an exciting new ball game to challenge any athlete’s mental and physical prowess” the match officials said it was “distracting” to netball players.

 Aside from any delays or stoppages Nuns proved once more their dominance in the league.

On a quick glance at the league statistics, Nuns’ goal average is evidence that the team has concocted an impressive balance of unwavering shooting talent, fierce defence and fluid link-play in the centre court.

Match Report by Capital MENS’ member Joe (aka Mr Lauren Rafter).

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