Match Report: 2nds v Lavender Park, 2nd February

We were all feeling a little bit rusty taking to the court for the first game this year, but our focus and determination throughout the entire match ensured a hard fought victory.

Having previously beaten Lavender Park, we got quite a shock as we went goal for goal throughout the first quarter, finishing one down. A few changes to team, a pep talk from our coach and captain and we went out hunting for the ball and resolute in keeping the opposition out of the middle of the court. Both worked a treat and we managed to capitalise on a number of forced errors, finishing 25-17 up at half time.

A few haribo, a shuffle round in the mid court and the intensity increased yet again! Nor did it let up in the fourth quarter. Our defence picked off tips here, there and everywhere, we used space effectively coming down court, and feeding was superb into the circle. Final score 58 – 36 and excellent preparation for our upcoming top of the table clash.

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