Match Report: 1sts v Old A’s, 9th February

Having braved the elements once already that day, enthusiasm was in short supply as a skeleton 1sts squad left Cheam for an afternoon away Poly match v Old A’s:

The 8 mile journey took nearly and hour and a half.
It was an outside game.
The temperature was approaching freezing.
It was raining.
You would not describe the court as ‘all weather’. Or as having a whole lot of run off space, maybe half a metre before you hit the wire fencing.

It would be fair to say that we were not at our most motivated. That was until we saw who was playing for the opposition…….Then it became simple. A win was the only option.

The least said about the netball the better. It was not one of our best displays. There were slips, dropped balls and mistakes a plenty. Our usual running game was more than slightly hampered by the conditions and any defensive tactics thwarted by the random movement of the Old A’s attack.

We battled through 4 ugly quarters of netball, but with Marisa and Suz being consistently fed the ball from Apples and slotting in the goals at one end, while SJB and the returning legendary Annari took charge of the defensive D, we gradually built on a slight end of 1st quarter lead such that the result was in no doubt going in to the 4th quarter. Special mentions go to:

– Ali C for stepping in and saving me from a further 30 mins of a truely awful performance.

– Sammy for curtailing an exhibition of cross court movement, indication and pivoting not seen by a WA for many, many years.

– SJB for playing the equivalent of 3 positions when released from the confines of GK for the final quarter.

NUNS player of the match-it could only be one person. On her welcome return to the 1sts, Annari reverted to a habit of a lifetime and walked away with it once again. Totally deserved (as always).

Old A’s player of the match-former NUNs 1st team captain and Club Captain, Jen (or Jenny as her new team mates appear to call her) Duckworth (nee LaPointe), who gave a master class performance at GK. Now you understand why losing was not an option…….

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