Match Report: 1st Vs Cobham, 14th Sept

Straight off the back of our first win for the season and with just 30 minutes to cool down, refuel and warm up again, the 1sts took to the court hungry for another win.

Now, I don’t seem to possess this netball brain with the ability to recall of every specific play, so can only give a general outline of the game. And, well, it was somewhat different in style and speed to the match earlier that morning – goodbye dynamic change of pace and accurate quick balls, hello loopy overheads.

Defensively we held it together, forcing a number of held balls and lots of pressure on the feeds helping T and Sophie to pick off tip and intercept after tip and intercept. Marissa and Becky held their space brilliantly making feeding into the circle easy, although we got lazy and forced it in even when they were double marked. Hats off to both of them in regards to how many crazy balls they managed to get their hands to.

On attack we had a lot of space to bring the ball down the court, and at times you could not have drawn a straighter line from C to GS, but other times we were plagued by loopy overheads and unforced errors. This weeks focus – use the 3 seconds when the quick ball isn’t on, and everyone to offer/re-offer all the way down the court.

1st quarter 13-7

Half time 26-17
3rd quarter 39-30
Final score 56-36
MOM – Janelle

Considering the umpteen new combinations to adapt to, a touch of drizzle, a ball in Jen’s face, a punch to Sophie’s eye, and 120 minutes of back-to-back netball, it was a hugely successful start to this season’s campaign. Hats off to everyone for all the pre-season fitness  too – it really showed as there was still some spring in the legs right to the end!

Only 38 games to go…

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