Match Report: 2nds v Queens (Poly), 27th October

Line Up

GK Grace, Grace, Grace, Amanda
GD Amanda, Amanda, Amanda, Grace
WD Jennie
C Ella, Ella, Sal, Sal
WA Anna
GA Janelle
GS Liz

On what has been the coldest day of the season thus far, we trekked up to the Scottish borders of Harrow with a near-fatal miss at Green Park. The opposition gave us a glimmer of false hope that we might be playing indoors, but alas, some kiddy party took precedence and we trudged outside to brave the frosty winds coming at us from 1000 directions. The tempo was a bit slower than our normal game but we managed to secure a lead from the start. After our last training we were determined to offer two options on every ball, but at times meant we didn’t always have the next option for that person who did receive it.

Defence coming down the court and continuous pressure over the ball helped the dynamic duo of Grace and Amanda in the circle pick off intercept after intercept.

They made a few changes to their line up but we adapted and continued to pick off their feeds into the circle while Jen and Ella held up their attack through the mid court and into the D, forcing numerous held balls. In what is becoming a bit of a tradition we lost concentration in the middle of the 2nd quarter and they started clawing back on our lead.

Q3 saw Sal’s season début, and umpteen weeks off must have showed as the umpire had some words of ‘encouragement’ regarding her speed back to the centre.

Sal and Anna showed great patience feeding into the circle, working Liz and I closer to the post as we had a few issues getting it in the goal with the rather unruly wind. That said, Liz seemed to get her eye in when the big gusts came and especially when the rain started pelting down!

Final Score: 33-24

MOM – Janelle

Much NUNS love for both Amanda and Liz who were both out till 3 the night before, played a game earlier in the day, made the mammoth journey north to help us out and both slotted in brilliantly at each end of the court.

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