Match Report: 2nds v Alpha, 20th October

Line Up

GK Sarah B
GD Grace
WD Jennie, Jennie, Amanda, Jennie
C Ella, Anna, Jennie, Ella
WA Anna, Ella, Anna, Anna
GA Marnie, Janelle, Marnie, Janelle
GS Janelle, Marnie, Janelle, Marnie

Overhearing our opposition say we looked easy, we came out fighting. They had  extremely tall defenders and Anna and Ella worked really hard around the circle to feed it into the space, with minimal forced overhead balls. Managed to hold them off in the 1st quarter by 2.

They clawed back in the second quarter, and we turned over several balls down the court by not extending our drive onto the ball or releasing the ball quick enough. Stellar defence by Grace and Sarah in the circle absolutely rattled their shooters, while Jennie did what she always does and picked of tips here there and everywhere. Half time score 19-all.

Not even fresh legs from Amanda could break their attack in Q3, their shooters picked up confidence and were putting shots up from everywhere, while we lost a bit of focus at the start. But everyone pulled together, dug deep and fought back, finishing about 4ish down.

A few more changes from our side, but we unfortunately we couldn’t pull it back. It was the most physical game we’ve had this season, and really forced us to adapt. Bring on round 2! 

Final Score: can’t recall actual score but they won by 6.

Highlights: accurate feeding into and movement around the circle, pressure on defence and over the ball

Lowlights: taking that extra step and driving onto the ball, giving two options down the court

MOM: Marnie – she had her work cut out for her, especially with a defender almost a foot taller, but was always free and shot superbly!

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