Match Report: 3rds v Teddington, 23rd October

Line Up
GK Anna, Anna, Lisa, Lisa
GD Amanda, Lisa, Amanda, Amanda
WD Ali C
C Ash, Emma, Emma, Ash
WA Lou, Lou, Ash, Lou
GS Liz

We had an early start on a very cold and crisp morning and had really fierce warm up. This definitely paid off in the first quarter. We looked well prepared and came out strong. I think we probably took Teddington a little by surprise as we stormed in front. The focus was a short, sharp game and that is exactly how we started out. Defense was strong with constant pressure on the ball from Ali, Anna and Amanda, and also from Ash who showed some excellent defensive centre skills and got some amazing interceptions. We converted all but one of our turn overs and we ahead by 5 (13 Vs 8).

2nd quarter was much the same. Liz and Jo barely missed a shot and were working brilliantly together with accurate feeding from Lou and Emma and nice short, sharp passes. Coach Marnie was happy. We didn’t seem to do anything worse, Teddington just upped their game and their shooters began to get their eyes in. They ended up winning that quarter by 5, resulting in a half time score of 22 goals a piece.

A few half time changes and we started the third quarter strong. Everyone was disciplined and maintained constant pressure on the ball, especially Ali C who made a real difference as WD preventing the opposition from getting the ball in to their attack. It was a really close quarter, goal for goal, right until the last few minutes when unfortunately Teddington managed to get a turnover on us and it ended 31 Vs 33 to them.

4th quarter, again attack was good, feeding accurately, Liz and Jo were holding well and continued to get the goals in. Defense remained strong and we didn’t give up, although Teddington seemed to continue to up their game having had a slow start and they didn’t miss a shot. They ran away at the end and the final score was 41 Vs 46 to Teddington.

Disappointing to come away with a loss, but yet another game that we played with discipline and according to our goals that felt like it should have been a win.

MOM – Ali C. Great hassling.

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