Match Report: NUNS 3s v Guildford, 25 Oct 2014

Line up: Emily, Kim, Lou, Emma, Ali, Grace, Anna, Jo & Lisa

Our performance can be summarised in one word: Aces!  That was the name of one of our set plays – and perfect it we did.

From the first until the last whistle, we put forward a classy game across the entirety of the court.

In defence, Grace and Anna worked tirelessly to put a dampener on the spring chicken and tall tree that were in goals for the opposition – changing strategy and trying new tactics in order to put pressure on the pass in to the circle.  They were ably supported by Ali, Emma and Lisa in the defensive centre court who harried their opponents to make that pass a much tougher proposition.  Working as a unit, they forced some errors, managed some turnovers and basically made it quite hard for Guildford.

Through the centre court and into our goal third there was some lovely moving.  Improved timing on moves, cutting in front of opposing players, more energy and fitness than in past matches and a gritty attitude to get the ball.  An example of this was Scrappy Doo Lou managing a tip and then scrambling past two opposing players to get the ball.  It was also marvellous to see the defensive players providing support down the court into our attacking third, always ensuring a second or third option was available.

In goals, we had a great match – Aces proved a hit.  Excellent feeding into and moving around in the circle.  There is still some room for improvement on the rotation in the circle (read: Kim needs to improve her rotation in the circle).  Emily (eye of the needle) was on fire with her precision passing and shooting.  Jo snared some great balls overhead to then sink a goal.  Kim ran around like a headless chook.

Even though the score line did not favour us in the end (although we were ahead at one point), this was the best game of the season so far for the 3s – and is a sign of good things ahead.

This game also unearthed two new skills, previously not widely known:

  • Lisa is actually an illusionist of Dynamo proportions. When it came to her infringements (which of course were limited in number) she managed to persuade the umpire that she was in fact Ali.  If only she’d managed to masquerade as the opposition!
  • Emily is actually Heston Blumenthal in disguise. What a magical tea of handmade rocky road.  (Ali, please don’t make me follow up that performance with teas next time!).

Thanks to Grace for filling in!

Final score: 56-60 (so we get some points!).


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