Match Report, 3s V Cobham (Kingston Division 1),  18th Oct 2014

Line up: Anna, Pip, Ali, Emma, Lou, Gilly Mac, Emily, Amy

Thanks to the new league allocations the 3s got the opportunity to play Kingston Division 1 netball down in lovely but very faraway and leafy Cobham.

We started the first quarter well with some good pressure on them and converting our centres but unfortunately we failed to keep up the pace throughout the game.

We lost out to a very slick attack and tight defence who made it pretty hard for our shooters to get the ball and for us to produce enough turnovers. We mixed up our attack and defence to take advantage of the time to practice rotations.

Positives – court time and rotation opportunities for the 3s, getting to play with the lovely Gilly Mac

Work ons – pace of our game (which was much improved in our game against Guildford on Saturday), changing our passing and movement to outwit a tight defence

Final score 51-16.

Anna C


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