Match report 1’s vs Karisma, 11th Oct 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of those so excuse the succinct report! October 11th the 1s tracked to Riddlesdown Collegiate or something in deepest deepest Purley, up hill, down dale – it was all a bit Lord of the Rings.

All in all it was a bit of an odd game. First quarter was most noted for the feistiness on both sides in our attacking circle resulting in some stern umpiring words within the first 5 minutes. The defence were feisty as and big up to Hayley and Janelle for not letting them have their way. Quarter time score 11-6 to NUNS

Second quarter continued in the same theme with the defence at both ends making the attack in the D work really hard to get round the long arms and many tips. Resulted in a very cautious game with the attacking doing an amazingly disciplined and patient job to work the ball in – at half time score was 22-14 to us.

Third Quarter the lovely Amy came on at GK to get a piece of the action and played a blinder carrying on the general theme of tips and interceptions. Unfortunately unforced errors crept in and we lost turnovers to silly passes, foot works and penalties advanced against us meaning we ended this quarter 28-24 up

Fourth quarter – heavens well and truly opened and it was a case of just grinding it down to the end of the game. Janelle and Hayley continued to put up some awesome shots from all over the D and the super tight defence broke their game down meaning we finished up 39-32.

Felt like the strangest game ever, but it was a win so who cares.
MOM – well deserved Lozza, never has a defence been so well marshalled to such good effect!


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