Match Report: 1s Vs Cobham, Surrey County League, 13th Sept

Squad: T, Soph, Loz, Jen, Gilly, Chief (C), Janelle, Apples, Suz
Scoring: Sarah Jean – surely I can legitimately say I was instrumental in us getting all of our goals…….despite being injured on the side line??!

Q1: 11-5
Strong start after a top notch warm up and some wise words from the Chief. Affy will be pleased to hear that we were picking up turnovers all over the place with our high intensity full court defence.
Managing to avoid the long arms of the Cobham defence we notched up a decent lead.

Q2 24-13
Pulled away further in Q2 – centre court worked hard to create opportunities and we made squillions of tips and intercepts down the court with T and Soph totally dominating the D after sizing up the latest youthful attack combo from Cobham.

Q3 33-24
Cobham were not going to give up and came out fighting to win this quarter – slight delay in changing our attacking style to cut through their defence and a few errors saw our lead slip slightly, we focused in again by the end of Q3 and started to notch up our lead again.

Q4 49-32
My main recollection from Q4 was Janelle continuing to work really hard exhibiting great dynamic play to get the ball into the D – a well deserved POM nomination! Lozza kept the intensity up in defence with great communication. We finished the match with seamless play down court and continued a rock solid defence from the first to the last minute. Great full squad performance, ace start to the season. Bring. It. On.

Final score: 49-32 to Nuns
POM: Janelle

SJDubbya xx


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