Match report: 3s Vs Cobham, 13th September

Our first match of the season was against Cobham, who were also promoted into Prem B last season.  After a focused warm up and a ‘NUNS’ all hands-in shout (Thanks Pip!), the match got underway.  A new league, new squad, a few returning players and the promise of our new coach watching; the team settled well.  We retained excellent possession during the first quarter and Kim and Emma fed fantastically into the circle. We finished the quarter with a deserved lead of 15-11.

After an encouraging team talk from Captain Ali and her new vice Anna and an obligatory ‘NUNS’ shout, we hit the court for the second quarter.  Affy arrived and saw some good passing and movement and by half time the score was 30-27.  Affy’s half time talk encouraged us to really focus on man to man marking, so this in mind, a quick changeover with the triumphant return of Amanda to WD and a ‘1,2,3, NUNS!’ we hit the court for the third quarter. The whole team worked really hard man to man marking and pressuring their passes all the way down the court which produced some great turn overs.  Having a quick chat with Affy on the side-line, Pip was offside when the whistle blew, but picked up several fantastic interceptions which were all converted.  At the end of the third quarter we had built up a strong lead of 44-35.

Going into the final quarter we had the lead and we were enjoying it.  There were a few moments where it looked like Cobham were sneaking back into it with 4 consecutive turn overs keeping the spectators interested. But our defence saved the day with some fantastic interceptions and our attacking end continued to shoot well.

Final score: 54-47.

Player of the match: Kim and Emily.


Well done NUN’s, a great start.

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