Guurddd luckk!!

First matches of the season girlies, lets go out and smash it! Good luck too all teams playing tomorrow, I hope to hear good things in The Wandle afterwards where we’ll be marking our territory and stomping some more holes in the dance floor from 12.30/1pm onwards!

Don’t forget we’ve got share the love going on this week so don’t forget to come down and support…..

1st vs Cobham 11.30 HOME

2nds vs Comets 12.00pm THE MOON

3rds vs Cobham 9.30 HOME

Socials vs Weybrdige Vandals 11.00am HOME

Excited to see y’all en la manana guapas!

Pip & Grace xx

PS Live tweeting @capitalnuns strongly encouraged and post away on Faceby!

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