Good Luck..!!!

Good luck to all the teams playing this weekend!! If you’re playing outdoors I hope the weather is kind…which is easy for me to say as I’m currently in a cloudless sunny 25deg UAE side (working inside an office looking lustfully out may I add!!).

1sts: 1st Feb HOME 9.30 vs Grasshoppers

1sts: 2nd Feb AWAY 10.00 vs Academy

2nds: AWAY 9.30 vs Fairlands

4ths: AWAY 12.00 vs Alpha


So far we’ve had an excellent FUN NUNS response to END OF SEASON BBQ (season awards up for grabs!) & SUMMER SOCIAL (used to be Rugby Rocks  – rugby boys up for grabs) please scribble on the doodle… if you haven’t already

Peace out




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