Great Viewing on Monday (3rd Feb) + Tube strike on Tuesday (4th Feb)

Tube Strike:

The RMT and TSSA unions have called a strike on the Tube, affecting services from around 9.30pm on Tuesday 4 February. Great if you have got training until 10pm…

Please check for full details and to make sure you can get home. The last you want after training is a long walk home!

Tonight – Growing Up Down’s:

If you are at home tonight, having a night in before training tomorrow or just home from one of GI Joe’s sessions check out Growing Up Down’s which is on BBCThree at 9pm (and available on the iplayer if you miss it) – it is one to watch!

I’m not one to often shout out about work productions but this is a really fantastic documentary, which I am immensely proud to have been involved in.  It is a one-off film about a group of young adults with learning difficulties who take to the stage with a touring production of Hamlet.

You can view a quick preview here to whet your appetite:

Do spread the word to friends and family…

Thanks all, and I hope you enjoy it,

Tamara/ T

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