Match Report: 3s Vs Karisma, 12th Oct

According to Wikipedia, charisma has two meanings: (1) compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others, and (2) a divinely conferred power or talent. And Charisma is what the 3s brought plenty of to their game on Saturday.

Spurred on by excellent (and much appreciated) support from some of the firsts on the sidelines, we started incredibly strong. With a little bit of help from Grace, Lucy J and Lisa and we put together some beautiful netball. There were lightning drives, heroic interceptions and communication that puts BT Telecom to shame. An all-in-all impressive 15 minutes left us 19-7 up at the end of the first quarter with Sarah B challenging us to hit 60 by the end of the game. Challenge accepted.

My powers of recall are failing me slightly, suggesting, firstly, that perhaps sports journalism isn’t for me and, secondly, that I should probably have written this report sooner. However, I shall press on by simply saying that we were also fabulous in the second quarter. It seems that we scored so much that whoever was in charge of the scorecard I’m using as a handy prompt for this write-up ran out of space in our score box. The almost illegible scribble in the corner states that we finished this one 34-18 up.

Unfortunately for Karisma, their WD got injured at around half time and their lack of subs meant that they had to play the rest of the game with 6. We endeavoured not to let this make us complacent and committed to ensuring we spaced ourselves well on court, continued to drive on and sent accurate and well-timed balls. This strategy clearly worked well as, after some precision netball, we finished the third quarter 46-27 up. The final quarter was all about bringing it home and maintaining our intensity. Ash brought Emily to GA and the fresh pair of legs really helped lift the team as a whole. Highlights included super feeds into the circle from Lisa and go-go-gadget arms from Amanda (seriously, how does she do that?)

In the end, our divinely conferred power, compelling attractiveness and obvious charm led to a win – 64-34. Certainly that’s enough to inspire devotion?

MOM: Elizabeth


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