Match Report: 1s V Grasshoppers (Kingston League), 4th Oct

Line up: Rachel S, Janelle, Rosie, Gilly Mac, Jennie P, Lozza, T, Sophie

All good games begin with a game of killer right?  Of course, but only if followed with a serious England-style warm up.

The energy was high, conditions were perfect and our key focus was short sharp attack. The killer theme ensued throughout the match – hungry defence all down the court, pressure over the ball, quick reactions for the loose balls, unfortunately it also meant our passes were somewhat elusive.

If I could insert pictures into the report I would, but for now you’ll just have to imagine a normal bell curve with the peak a little to the left.  That pretty much sums up our game – adjusting to the new combo’s in the first quarter, absolutely smashing it in the second, letting them score just 3 goals. Putting on a good fight in the 3rd and getting ever so slightly complacent in the fourth.

Final score 44-17, although not really a fair reflection of the intensity of the game.

MOM Janelle

Big thanks to Rachel for helping us out and slotting so seamlessly into the circle.

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