Monday GI JOE Fitness training – Venue change!

Hello Monday Team,

I have found a floodlit venue that is worth giving a go. Hopefully it will be suitable for all of you and will mean we have light! Please say if there are problems.

Venue: Battersea Park – grass area at the end of the All-Weather pitch (furthest away from astro changing rooms).

Start: 7pm

How to get there on foot/bike: Enter the park at the small gate on Prince of Wales Drive, opposite Alexandra Avenue. Walk to main park road, turn left (aiming for giant floodlights). The training area will be on your right. Short walk.

Car Parking: Parking available on Prince of Wales Drive.

Should be easy walk from Battersea Park or Queenstown Road stations.

Map below:

Battersea Park

Let me know on text or email if there are any issues about this. Please invite friends/foes/comrades.

Remember to sign up using the doodle provided!



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