Match Report: Socials vs Rushmoor B 27/04/13 & Guildford B 30/04/13

If only our last match reported previously was in fact the last match. Quite frankly we met with a bit of a whitewash in the final 2 rescheduled matches of the season. We managed to squeeze a point out of getting half the score against Rushmoor, but just missed this hurdle against Guildford. The latter was played on a Tuesday night at 8pm when normally any self-respecting member of the Social Team is half-way through a bottle of wine or in bed already. Therefore, although disappointing, it was not totally unsurprising! Final scores were 43-25 vs Rushmoor and 47-23 vs Guildford. This left us finishing the season mid-table in 5th place and remaining in Surrey Division 2, our current league. We can pat ourselves on the back for having the biggest positive goal difference out of all 8 teams, so well done us!

On behalf of Zoe and myself, thanks to you all for your commitment to the team throughout the season. We had some memorable moments and, most of all, lots of fun. Enjoy the summer off and the inimitable Social Team will reconvene in September.

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