Match Report: 4ths Vs Wandsworth, 16th March

As we travelled to the luxurious resort of Shirley High School to play Wandsworth with the wind and rain lashing down we knew from the outset that we had been mis-sold this particular day trip. Soaking before we even warmed up, we seriously considered getting the paddles out to make our way from one end of the court to the other! Nevertheless, we put on our NUNs war paint (Jess’s special grippy hand cream that turned our hands into Velcro when the ball was coming our way; rest assured this is completely legal in EN rules & regs!) and went out to battle.

We all showed amazing grit and determination despite the conditions, but even the super glue on our hands could not stop the ball frequently finding our faces before we caught it! Wandsworth however were undeterred by the conditions and managed to capitalise on our mistakes throughout the game.

Special mention to El Capitan Jess who did extremely well keeping our heads up and motivated us to keep going back on court after every team talk. Also a big thanks to a Thermos flask full of tea (the amazing brainchild of Katy B) that meant our fingers also managed to survive the arduous hour…just.

Needless to say, the lack of a score mentioned throughout this report means that it was one we were neither proud of nor worthy of the character space. Put it this way, if it was the six nations of netball, we were England and they most definitely were Wales! The team should feel proud that we stuck it out, still had smiles on our faces at the end, and most importantly returned with a vengeance the following day for part 2 of our netball weekend saga…

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