Match Report: 4ths v Redhill, 2nd March

We took to the court with a new level of determination, ready to put some successful training into practice and get a much deserved win under our belts. We began the first quarter well, although it was clear it was going to be tough match. We stayed ahead throughout the quarter, moving the ball down the court with a new level of fluidity and space. The Redhill defence were finding it difficult to keep one step ahead of our movements and excellent passing around the circle and we ended the first quarter up by two.
At the start of the second quarter, Redhill managed to break our centre passes twice in succession, which we had to respond to quickly. We were neck and neck throughout the quarter, still playing well, but letting some mistakes get the better of us. Some amazing shooting from Jess and Rach kept us level with Redhill and they only managed to be one up on us at half time.

We knew we deserved the win, so we went into the third quarter with a renewed determination. Unfortunately, we had allowed Redhill to adjust to our play too easily, and they kept up with us. Despite some excellent interceptions by Katy B and definite, sharp drives from Lucy, we ended the third quarter two goals down.

There were some frustrated NUNS. We wanted this one – so we put on the loud voices and forceful defence and went into the fourth quarter with vigour. It was close, Redhill maintained their lead until half way through the quarter, where we played a few centre passes with outstanding attacking play, gaining the lead again. Redhill responded and forced us to make some errors, giving them the lead in the final 2 minutes. We zoned in defence, making it difficult for them to progress, to which they responded with playful passing around their defensive third to keep the lead until the whistle. On realising what was happening, we fired into action, and took possession of the ball. We scored. It was even. 30 seconds left. Their centre pass. We intercept in the circle and sent it back down the court in time for Rach to sink it just in time. Final score 38-37 NUNS!

MOM – Rachel Smith

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