Match Report: 1sts Vs Roundwood, 13th April

When you’re on your way to Netball and Guns n’ Roses’ Paradise City comes on the radio…and you start to feel that nervous energy at the pit of your tummy…and you’re all fired up….that’s the moment you realise that you are in for a fight. A huge one.


Following an absolutely fantastic training session with Gilly Mac, we were ready as we would ever be to take on Roundwood in an epic fight. Last time we met we were sent home less than happy with a result not to be repeated.


Squad: Marisa, Apples, Rosie, Kath, Laura, Gilly, Sammy, Sarah B, T


At the beginning of Q1 the element of surprise was still fully on our side, we quickly turned over a few balls and Roundwood realised this was going to be a tough game. True to their spirited nature, they stepped up immediately and we were locked head to head in battle. Our training on Tuesday really shone through – we kept our eyes up (amazing how much we look down without realising it!), had the confidence to go for interceptions and committed to put pressure on every pass. No free pass!! The pressure on the first pass might lead to a loopy ball, and another, by which time we could pick it off or they threw it off the side line. We hunted the whole duration of the game. And above all, the positive energy bouncing around could be felt a mile away.


And then we took a nose dive. Well, that might be putting a bit harsh, but we did realise that we could not relax for even one second. We made that mistake only once and BOOM – they scored five times in a row. You cannot become complacent for one moment with a strong opponent such as Roundwood, they are just too good for that. So with the score drawn near even, we went back for the second half and refocused that positive energy. At one stage we got so excited with each turn-over ball that we just chucked it off the side line…apparently not Joan’s favourite way of using the turn-over pass as she quickly informed us by throwing her hands in the air, football manager style, watching from the side lines.


We worked beautiful triangles down in attack, so much so that after the ball finally landed in my hands after running myself senseless on one occasion I was too tired to take the shot! (Note to self: up the fitness training). Mid court was leading by example, manipulating the opposition left, right and centre – which ever option they chose! Defence was absolutely awesome, the little ‘SWITCH’ trick with a twist came in really handy with a GA known to come out of nowhere and run into space. The turnovers defence secured, coupled with the hard work of the mid-court players bringing the ball down to attack won us the game.


We had a ball (literally later that evening). It was a well deserved win and we worked very hard to achieve it! Joan, a hard coach to please, made our day by saying “there were moments of brilliance”. (This was of course also followed by what we should focus on next time to do better, but I choose to remember only the first bit!!!)


Final score: NUNS 53-44 Roundwood


MOM – Marisa


PS – Thanks to Lucy & Rachel for organising an absolutely fantastic NUNS Ball. It was a brilliant night out and loved seeing everyone relaxed and all dressed up having fun!

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