Match Report: 2nds Vs Alpha, 16th Feb

Having narrowly lost out to top-of-the-table Alpha in our last clash (by 6 goals) we took to the court determined to leave with nothing less than a win.
Unfortunately, despite our determination our first quarter was far from our best and we were thrown off-balance having our first few centres turned over by the hungry Alpha defence. We finished for quarter time six goals down.
Returning to the court for the second quarter, despite a much stronger performance the Alpha defence continued to make our attacking centre passes difficult and the unrelenting accuracy of the Alpha GS left us feeling more than a little bit frustrated. We drew the second quarter, still six goals down.
Some half-time changes saw Jen move out for a run at centre, and our super-sub Ali take the court at WD (making some brilliant interceptions). At the end of the third quarter, we were 8 goals down and apart from super-sub Ali, we were looking deflated. A much-need reality check from SJ and captain Anna refocused our minds to the end goal: we needed a win, and it was still in our sights.
We entered the 4th quarter a new team, determined to win. We unleashed Grace from GK to bring some new life into the centre third, Anna re-took the court sending some perfectly positioned feeds to Becs and Janelle and Sophie made it her mission to get the Alpha GS moving and out of her comfort zone. It worked. We turned over goal after goal, and quickly made up the goal difference to draw equal with Alpha – who were clearly taken aback by our newly found dominance.
As the clock ticked down to the last thirty seconds, we knew we were drawing, and we knew it wasn’t enough. A nail-biting after-the-whistle penalty shot from calm-as-a-cucumber Becs Crawshaw took us ahead to win with a final score of 44-43.
MOM: Sophie
A frenzy of Facebook activity said it all: What. A. Game.

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