Match Report: 3rds v Barnes, 12th January

The first match back after the boozing and over-eating season – and a bit of a mood killer to walk away with a loss. …… but we can’t hide!  It was against Barnes who had kicked our **** the first time round, so we did step on court with a determination of “let’s do better”.  And we did.  Just maybe not good enough.

Final score was 46-30.  Goals per ¼  Barnes vs NUNs went as follows:

13 – 9
9 – 8
14 – 7
10 – 6

Bizarre we dropped a goal every ¼!!


They had a very strong defence who were both quick and jumpy.  They had 2 defence subs who also came on – and that new energy, did bring them more interceptions than we had.  A tall and accurate shooter who was fed very good balls – made it hard for our defence.  Nothing worse than knowing you missed the tip by a cm.  But sadly that was reality.  The pressure they put on us created silly mistakes by all – stepping, breaking and silly passes.


We did not give up – fought until the end.  Some brilliant moving around the circle for our attack and goals.  Plus good back up from defence bringing the ball down the court.  A lower number of obstructions or contact by our defence which meant less given away!

The usual is to say we could have won…..  And that is always a possibility, but I do believe that on the day they deserved to win and it has made me personally think more about my game and what I could have done better.

ROCK ON SATURDAY for a professional-looking win!!!

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