Match Report: 1sts v Alpha and 1sts v Hyde Park, 12th January

T, Lozza, Sammi, SJB, Lucy, Chief, Rosie, Apples, Kath, Suz, Marisa

Freezing cold, but crisp and clear  – which I’ll take any day over slightly warmer but rainy.  We took to the court with the knowledge that we need to work hard as this was our first game back after overindulging maybe just a little bit too much over the Christmas and the New Year’s period.  

Our good warm up session stood us in good steed in Q1 – we pulled ahead by quite a few.  Q2 saw Alpha rejig and reorganise.  They started finding their rhythm and a couple of basic errors allowed them to turn over the ball to close the gap we created in Q1.

Our half time chat was filled with positive reinforcement from Joan, good tips from T & Rosie and comms between all the players to help improve our strategy and focus for Q3 – oh and the loveliest piping hot Ribena a-la-Sammi.  We tried to eliminate the basic errors and played some lovely free flowing netball – secure hands but with a few wangers that saw the light every now and then. (“,)

After miss-hearing the score count to be 45-44, I thought we were going to struggle to pull this one through – only to realise that in fact our hard work paid off and we were in in the clear with a final score of 45-34 (or something like that).  It was a lovely game but hard work.  Things that we worked on throughout the game really helped us to pull ahead in Q4. Basic stuff like hard straight balls, no loopy ones to be picked off by their vigilant defence.  Drive to the front, at an angle to cut your defence out of play.  Hold that space just that tiny bit longer before moving. Trust your team mates and clear out if you’re crowding the space. Oh – and we had fun!

MOM: Marisa

Hyde Park vs NUNS

T, Lozza, Lucy, SJB, Chief, Rosie, Apples, Kath, Suz, Marisa

We lost to Hyde Park by 5 goals.  They were fresh and we were already one fight up on the day.  This was a very hard and fair match.  We thoroughly enjoyed playing Hyde Park, albeit that we didn’t pull a win on this one.  We learned some valuable lessons which we will take with us to build on as we grow even stronger. Among the things I learned was not to mess with my shooting technique five minutes before the game!  Also to be mentally prepared for a harder fight than the one just left behind. With Marnie’s great warm up techniques shared last night at training, plus some tips re the when and why and how you apply pressure, I’m sure we’ll be able to apply these with the desired effect and results.

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