Match Report: 3rds v Pleiades, 8th December

A bare seven of us turned out against Pleides, determined to put the last result behind us and make Marnie proud. Once we had pressganged Emma’s parents into scoring (note to self Surrey will dock you points if you don’t provide a scorer) we were in a positive festive frame of mind, determined to earn our turkey on sunday.

Again a slight change in line up with Emma starting at WA, and Amanda at WD, we wanted to keep it simple so tight man-on defence for first 5 minutes and cutting in front being the priority, target of 5 turnovers per qt. Sterling start ending the first quarter 8 goals ahead (12-4).

Second quarter we tried to build from the good points and keep the momentum going to establish a solid lead, their shooters had started to get their eye in – half time score 23-10.

Switches made in the tricky third quarter saw us introduce some silly mistakes rushing the ball into the circle despite some great movement by Jo and Elizabeth. We started to try some of our set plays to practice getting into position quickly and hunting the ball with Get Busy (press zone in centre third) and the Abba back line (Copyright 2012); but they still took the quarter off us by 2 goals.

Final quarter was a matter of tightening up on the little slips and bringing it home with as good a goal difference as possible – final score 43-28. MOM Elizabeth.

Line up: Anna, Amanda, Lisa, Ali, Emma, Elizabeth, Jo.

Overheard on the supporters bench “The NUNS have great fluidity bringing it up the court”.

Highpoints: some great clearing and driving gave us plenty of space when bring it out of the many defensive turnovers; excellent movement and shooting stats from both glory girls.

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