Match Report: 3rds v Alpha, 24th November

On a rainy morning, missing 3 of our squad but bolstered by Jess; a brief warm-up started outdoors in the little sheltered space we could find. We had a game plan of using our short sharp game, weeks of training in cutting in front and using 3 phase defence.

And this game was chosen to use for some video reviewing.

The first quarter was a little shaky, we struggled to manage our defensive centres and the GA’s preference to lurk back off the line left us a bit frustrated ending the quarter down by 4 (9-12).

The second quarter unfortunately saw us fail to rectify our errors or take control and they inched further ahead taking the quarter by 5 goals.

We had a change on court for the 3rd quarter with Lisa and Amanda switching WD/GD, Ash to centre, Jess on at WA. Our quarter horriblis saw us making more unforced errors, dropped balls, not getting our feet under the ball, not cutting in front, not offering good options, not making good choices. Quarter score down 4-17.

And so it went, the final quarter a faint improvement but by then heads were down and despite individual effort we weren’t really looking much of a team – final result missing out on half their score by one goal – 32-66.

Lots to think about, much of it in our heads in adapting our play to the opposition and being able to make changes and implement training skills into the match. MOM went to Lisa T (WD/GD).

We knew it was going to be a tough match to win but we didn’t expect such a drubbing, not our finest hour to watch back, call it stage fright.

Line up: Anna, Amanda, Lisa, Ali, Ashlee, Elizabeth, Jo, Jess (sub)

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