Match Report: 2nds v Hillcrest, 3rd November

Seconds match report V Hillcreast.

Squad: Sammy, Grace, Jen, Anna, Sal, Janelle, Becky, Marnie (in various superb combinations that I can’t quite remember).

On a blistery November morning we stood shivering in the Southfields sports hall, wondering what the match ahead had in store. After a much needed warm up, and an ever inspiring team talk from Coach Marnie we sprung….or rather sauntered, into action. The first five minutes of the game (and indeed of each quarter) demonstrated Netball that perhaps even our biblical counterparts would not be proud of. That said, after these slow starts we got stuck in, implementing Marnie’s short sharp game plan, putting maximum pressure on the ball, and forcing Hillcrest errors.

Becky and Janelle worked around the circle well, assisted by exceptional feeds from Sal and Anna. Marnie switched in to rattle the Hillcrest defence and Jen did her usual, making incredible interceptions and facilitating turn over after turn over. Sammy proved to be an excellent addition to the team, causing maximum disruption to the Hillcrest attacking duo; many thanks to her (and of course the NUNS side-line support) for helping us out in our game of need.

The sheer level of concentration and devotion to the game plan means no one actually knows what any quarter/half times scores were, but we do know (…or are fairly sure) that the final score was 53-34.

The seconds eagerly anticipate their next game, during which they will prove their ability to jump into action from the first whistle.

MOM – Grace

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