Match Report: Socials v Claygate, 27th October

Time – early. Temperature – 3 degrees. Warm up time – 2 minutes. Three factors that contributed to a generally very low scoring match.
The first quarter saw us go 8 goals down, scoring a total of 3 goals. We won the 2nd Qtr as everyone warmed up and settled into playing together however, still ending 3 goals down.
The third quarter was disastrous, mainly because with Annari and her cold extremities off the court, then Rach pulling her Achilles, I went on as GD (!) and WD (!!!!). Not a good move from el Capitano.
We changed around in 4th Qtr and won that quarter too. Final score 31-15.
Things to take from the match: when it is early and cold, we need to all arrive as a team. Preferably earlier than 1 minute before start time to discuss a few tactics and warm up properly, not using the 1st Qtr to do so.
Thanks to you all for making it out to New Malden on a disgustingly cold, early morning. We’ll have them on home turf in the nice warmth. There’s no doubt.

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