Match Report: 4ths v Alpha B, 20th October

We’d been told that Alpha were a strong team and that, coupled with coming in from a defeat two weeks ago, could have meant we started with our heads down.  But no.  We were early.  We were prepared.  Our warm up went well and we took the court pumped up and as far as I could see free of hangovers.

Starting Line Up:  Rachel W (GK), Josie (GD), Katy B (WD), Katie C (C), Lucy J (WA), Jess (GA), Rach S (GS)  Subs: Susie and Mandy

* First Quarter
No free passes and denying space were our focus.  We started off well and stayed relaxed yet focussed and played our own netball.  Successive early breaks put us forward.  Consequently we finished this quarter strongly with a 14 v 5 lead.

* Second quarter 
Our line up remained the same for this quarter, but Alpha made a few changes.  They obviously got their eye in a bit too as despite a strong performance we drew the quarter – 24 v 15.

* Third Quarter.
Lucy J shifted to centre which gave me a well needed rest and attack rotated Susie in at GS, and therefore Rach S to GA and Jess to WA.  34-19.

* Fourth quarter.  
Fresh-legged Mandy came on at Centre and I returned to the court as WD.  (Jess and Katy B off).  Rachel and Josie easily got the 5 turnover balls requested by Coach Collins and we pulled the lead further away.  When hearing Katy B yelling last push we knew we had it in the bag.

FINAL SCORE – NUNS 46 v Alpha 26

POM – Katie C (Opposition Choice) and Rachel Smith (Captain’s Choice).

Good stars from Anna and a celebratory burger and pint in the Pig and Whistle rounded things off.

A good day.

We were a different team to the ones who took the court two weeks ago in Croydon, we learnt from our mistakes and kept our composure. 2 more home games next (Redhill and Wandsworth) where we will look to continue our unbroken home record.  Soon the Aspire Centre will be known as the House of Pain.

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