Match Report: 1sts v Fusion, 29th September

I have to be honest, my memories of this game are truly hazy.  The reasons for this are 2-fold:
1) It was a long time ago
2) It was Sally Mac’s wedding the night before and Mr Mac has insisted on a free bar
What I can remember is eating crumble in the pub an hour before to help the hangover and Sarah B looking remarkably well for someone who had been a little worse for wear the previous night.
And that’s where score cards come in handy as I can report that these were the quarter scores:
Quarter 1 – Nuns 13 – Fusion 7
Quarter 2 – Nuns 24 – Fusion 12
Quarter 3 – Nuns 39 – Fusion 17
Quarter 4 – Nuns 60 – Fusion 24
I presume everyone played well.
Then I went home to bed.

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