Capital FUN times ahead!

Ladieesss! Do not despair, the days might be getting shorter and the weather colder but Capital NUNs are here to get you through to the penny at the end of the pint glass! Despite there being two Share the Love’s between now and Xmas we also have our tinsel-rattling-santa-exists-(no way!?!)-jinglebell-rocking-Christmas-Dinner to look forward to! I knowContinue reading “Capital FUN times ahead!”

All-club tournament – Sunday 13 Jan 2013

We’ve got the all-club tournament coming up on Sunday of next week, Sunday 13 Jan. Matches/tournament will take place 10-12 at Southfields and then for those who are keen we’ve reserved an area at the Wandle for drinks/lunch from 12.30 onwards. Exact format of the tournament will depend on final numbers. It’s not too lateContinue reading “All-club tournament – Sunday 13 Jan 2013”