Let’s get QUIZZICLE!

This Thursday, 40 nuns (and nuns friends) will be showing off their knowledge in the hope they win the bragging rights as the brainiest nuns about!

We will have the room from 7 for some pre drinks in order to warm our brains up. Dinner will be served at 7:30 with the quiz beginning at 8:30.

You will need to have paid your team captain before the quiz begins. Please bring extra cash in order to purchase cheat cards, double trouble cards and raffle tickets!

Looking forward to seeing you all

Saturday 19th March- The 1’s are back in town

Having not had a home game since what seems like forever, the 1’s are at home on the 19th March. It is also a big rugby day and therefore we have an area reserved at The Pig and Whistle. Please come down and support, friends and family most welcome!

Saturday 16th April- End of Season party

Tickets will be on sale next week for the end of season party, it is always a great day/night with awards, drinks, loads of hog and many shots! Friends and family welcome!

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