It aint over….

…until the toffee vodka is shot!!!!!

The end of season is looming, the toffee vodka has been put on ice and NUN’s have one more match to smash before we can pop the corks and celebrate an awesome season!

The BBQ tomorrow will kick off around 5pm, with food being served around 6/6.30pm and awards soon after! We can’t wait to celebrate the end of season with you all, so bring your A game (and dancing shoes of course)!!

Before that happens one last set of matches to dominate, good luck to:

1s vs Fairlands 10.00 AWAY

2s vs Grasshoppers 13.00 AWAY

3s vs Carlton 11.30 AWAY

Socials vs Cumberland 12.00 AWAY

Looking forward to ending the season on a high! Any questions give us a shout!


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