We hope everyone’s seen the End of Season BBQ invite! Please put your name down on the doodle link below and the number of tickets you would like and email/facebook/tweet Pip & Grace when you have transferred the $$$ (

The deets are:

Date: Sat 18th April

Time: 5pm onwarrds

Location: GJ’s

Price: £17.50 adults, £5 children.

Bring the family along for a food, fun and awards!
Also, a good luck to teams playing this week:

1st vs Roundwood AWAY 10.00

3s vs Rushmoore AWAY 9.30 (BIG shout out to anyone available to play as there are currently only 6 super nuns available for this!)

Socials vs Redhill B AWAY 10.00

Big social love to everyone and good luck! xxx

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