So the end of the season is fast approaching (eek!) and you may be aware we had originally scheduled the “End-of-Season-Share-the-Love” bash for the 11th April, HOWEVER as most teams also have games on the 18th (albeit away ones) we have decided it would be fitting to have the party on this day instead to properly celebrate almighty wins, promotions and overall NUNs dominance in the south of England!!
Therefore this years End of Season Party will be: 
SATURDAY 18th APRIL, late afternoon, at our beloved GJ’s!!!!
We already know of a few people unable to make this date but hopefully this still fits for most.
Sorry for the change but hopefully two months is still enough time to clear the diaries! Please let us know if you have any questions/major concerns (toffee vodka will be in abdundance so that’s one major issue covered!). More refined details to follow shortly 🙂 
Big Love
Social Secs xx

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