Match report: 3’s V Cobham, 10th Jan 2015

It was a morning all netballers would dread, opening the curtains to see howling winds and horizontal rain…..if only it was a home game we thought, surely the umpires will call it off we hoped! Luck it seemed was on our side today though, no sooner had we begun the trek to Cobham’s ground did the skies clear and near perfect conditions appeared – YES we cheered!
Still pumped from our win before Christmas we were raring to go and ready to add another win to our name. A win of the toss, a first centre pass, and we were off.

First quarter saw us go out with a calm and measured approach, lose our heads we did not, and through some accurate shooting from Amy and Emily we started to etch those points on the card.

With some top defending all the way down the court and set plays that Shakespeare would be proud of, we were 3 ahead, then two ahead, and after a strong 3rd quarter we were up 32-25.

Then the 4th quarter struck. We were all too aware of the dangers of becoming complacent, especially against a young and frustratingly enthusiastic team such as Cobham, so our guard was up. They’d clearly had a word with the Big Guy though as they came out with a vengeance…breaking down our play and forcing errors was clearly their motive. Bringing the score up to a draw was their aim. Scorers and timers on the side-line were going berserk! They rattled us enough to allow some unforced errors to creep in, this coupled with a slippery court creating a few footwork calls and we were looking shaky.

One minute to go, they had succeeded….or so they thought….our centre pass, we Much A Do’d About Nothing straight into our net – 1 goal up; 30 seconds left; their centre. They moved the ball into their goal third, defence were on guard, but the final whistle blew before they could score! 39-38 to us – phew!!!

Needless to say we walked away knowing we’d definitely ‘got away with it’, never again! We held our own though all the way down the court when it mattered, great team work, great shooting, great defence!

Squad: Amy, Emily, Jo, Lisa, Lou, Emma, Ali (C), Pip, Anna
MOM: Pip

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